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The biggest game changer
As parents of two now high school athletes, our boys started training with Ben at the age of seven. We can say, after ten years of experience, there is no better place in Houston, and for that matter, the country, that will do a better job at training youth, college or professional athletes. The attention to detail that comes from Ben and his team is second to none. From assessments, to goal setting, to injury prevention, to recovery from injury, we’ve seen the FSP crew dig deep with our two boys and therefore yield great results. In fact, we believe great strides can be made by putting the ball down and working with FSP on strength, mobility, and overall athletic movements. The foundation our boys have received from training at FSP has been the biggest game changer in their athletic development. We highly recommend FSP to any athlete looking to take their game to the next level.
Six years and counting
Ben and his team continue to be a vital part of our family’s athletic development. The training our three boys and soon to join daughter receive is one that we believe will prepare them mentally and physically for the challenges they will face on and off the field. Their approach to building strength without compromising flexibility, speed, and agility is unique. Others preach it, but fall short. I have witnessed more damage done in the training room than on the field. Fairchild will prepare you and continue to address any of your challenges, goals or dreams for whatever sport or fitness level you desire.

take it from the pros

-Walker Little
I truly don’t believe I would be where I am today without the help of Ben and his FSP team. I was always getting recruited in high school because I was a big kid but once I started working at FSP in their elite athlete development program after my sophomore year there was a noticeable change in my recruiting. Coaches noted that they saw a change in how I was built and how I was moving. By my senior year I was a 5 star recruit and was able to pick what school I wanted to go to. Ben took me from just being big , to being big, athletic and strong. Every kid has talent, and FSP is able to maximize that talent and do in a a safe manner that protects the athlete from injury. I still go to them now 7 years later because I trust Ben and his team with my body more than anyone else and I know they care about my success as much as I do. Him and his team’s attention to detail is second to none. I would recommend any young athlete in any sport to come to FSP, it changed my life and I will be forever grateful to Ben and his staff because of that.
-Walker Little
- Lance Berkman, 6-time MLB All-Star, Division 1 Head Baseball Coach
FSP not only resurrected my career as an aging MLB player years ago, I’ve witnessed the developmental impact they have on young players. They’ve done it with dozens of MLB and NFL players, and hundreds of youth athletes. I always insist that my teams (both when I coached at the high school and now division 1 level) work with their amazing staff. There is no one that I trust more in the realm of athletic development and injury prevention, their expertise is unrivaled.
– Lance Berkman, 6-time MLB All-Star, Division 1 Head Baseball Coach