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Hear What Other Interns Have to Say About Their Experiences

These quotes are from interns who graduated in fields of Exercise Science, Sports Management, Sports Conditioning, and Human Nutrition. Fairchild Sports Performance has hosted interns from top programs all over the country, including University of Missouri, Texas A&M, LSU, Texas, Texas State, University of Illinois, and many more.

My past experience contrasts tremendously with the individualizing of the athletes at FSP. Programs are entirely tailored to fit each athlete’s needs. As far as the performance facility for which I previously interned, little effort was put into the actual internship program. We chose our own hours, and we designed and implemented our own training programs. Organization of the interns failed when three internships would show up for the same group, ready to coach their own programs. The environment at the facility was very laid back, causing a lack of punctuality and attendance in the interns. FSP’s environment is almost completely opposite than that of my previous internship. Punctuality, attentiveness, organization, eagerness, and enthusiasm are all expected at the least of the interns. The internship program is extremely well organized, reflecting on Ben’s intentionality.

FSP has far exceeded my previous internships. The structure of the day as well as amount of learning with Ben has been great. Previously my internships have involved shadowing the coach and asking questions but not as much 1-on-1 learning. They also were only for a couple hours a day, a couple days a week so the amount of exposure at FSP is more.

The hands on training was a huge advantage for me. I had the opportunity to learn each and everyday from actual experience. Instead of computer modules and long videos for training I was thrown onto the floor and became a sponge to everything that happened that day.

More than anything, I’ve learned that the way I approach movement and exercise is indicative of the kind of trainer/coach I will be. Attention to detail is a phrase used often here, and it has become part of my training philosophy even more so now. The work we have done learning about the joint-by-joint model of training and functional movement of these joints has all been to support this philosophy; and you get to see its application every day at FSP.

I have learned first and foremost how much anatomy and physiology actually matters in training. [I have learned] the “whys” behind all of the movements we ask the athletes to perform. [I have learned how to] use researched-based evidence to provide proper programming and training methods.

I have learned more during this internship than any college class I have taken thus far. The majority of my learning has revolved around the anatomy and biomechanics of the body. Through a better understanding of the body and injury prevention, I have been able to grasp the importance of individual assessment before ever developing an athlete’s training program. What I have learned has not only changed my view of training athletes, but has spilled over into my own training program that I practice daily.

It already has! I landed a personal training job in the (name removed for privacy)  at a health club. My internship prepared for this job and has actually set me apart from other trainers at the gym. The skills and knowledge from FSP have made me stand apart in my work place.

I believe Ben’s attention to detail and posture will benefit me in whatever career I choose. If I coach, I will attempt to implement the same attention to restorative posture. As a physician assistant I will see the consequences of poor posture and attempt to educate my patients in order to help them.

I would definitely recommend any Kinesiology student to apply to this internship, and I plan to relay this to my advisor! Like I previously said, this internship has helped me to implement the classes I have taken into real life and this is a vital skill that Kinesiology students need to learn!

I would definitely recommend others to apply to this internship. Coming from college, many students aren’t exposed to such hands-on learning. FSP offers an extremely rewarding internship that can boost a student’s knowledge and professional career in the right direction.

Absolutely. I hope that more people looking to enter this industry can learn from people like Ben [and his staff] and that the way we train at FSP becomes more commonplace in gyms and athletic institutions.

FSP would be the first place I would recommend to anyone seeking a job in this profession. Ben creates an environment that welcomes questions, which is a fantastic place to be for someone who needs experience while learning more about this field. I cannot think of a better place to learn and thrive as a coach.

Anyone looking into the strength and conditioning arena I would highly recommend this internship. I cant’ think of a better environment to learn in interacting with professional athletes. You will be more than prepared going into any job.

I feel incredibly lucky I knew the right people to get me in contact with FSP, and grateful for the chance to intern here. I can’t thank everyone here enough for the opportunity I’ve had to learn and fuel my passion for fitness. Having a job where you love coming to work every day seems rare, but FSP has helped make it reality.

Aside from the job itself, the experience that I have had with any facility, league, and business reflects on my boss. The staff and interns at FSP have nothing but the utmost respect for Ben and the work that he has put into the facility. That respect and admiration is fueled by someone that lives a life of integrity, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn under him.