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Assessments for Balancing the Body

With all our talk about the importance of assessments, what is the best training approach once you’ve been assessed?

When Steven Hamner and I do programming at FSP, we generally want to provide stimulus for underdeveloped attributes in heavy doses, and lightly reinforce the existing positives in the client. What I mean by that is my goal is to focus on balancing the strength and flexibility within the body to help avoid future injuries.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when fitness seekers and athletes train, they gravitate towards favorite activities because they are already good at them. The “training” process should, if properly laid out, work to improve weakness not reinforce existing strengths.

Generally speaking, fast, explosive guys hate aerobic training and distance runners hate sprinting.  Players that are hyper-mobile often love stretching; whereas strong, stiff athletes like lifting weights. This is often because they are really good at these are the things.  Getting out of your comfort zone is never fun.  But it’s necessary if we’re going to progress and protect.

In recent years, I’ve acquired a liking for yoga.  It reminds me of when I learned to like eating vegetables.  I am — partly by nature and mostly through a significant weightlifting history — fairly inflexible in my joints.  This can make stretching or mobility-based activities, like yoga, no fun initially. But over time I have seen greater joint mobility and overall flexibility through yoga. Surprisingly, it’s made my favorite activity, lifting, a bit easier because my joints are more mobile.

Truth be told, most of us non-athletes seeking optimal fitness will fall in the middle of the road, needing both components of mobility and strength in our program.  But determining who you are in terms of mobility, posture, strength, and aerobic capacity is a great place to start in determining your actual training needs.


Did you know?

In case you missed it, here are a few FSP athlete highlights from the 2017 MLB season  … 
  • Ross Stripling pitched a combined two scoreless innings for the LA Dodgers in the 2017 World Series.
  • Anthony Rendon went 6-for-6 with three home runs and 10 RBIs setting a new Washington Nationals franchise record for most RBIs in a single game.
  • Jed Lowrie set the Oakland Athletics single-season doubles record with 48 this year, surpassing the mark he already held for the club.
  • Randal Grichuk hit the longest home run at 478 feet by a St. Louis Cardinals player in the 12-year history of Busch Stadium.
  • Robbie Grossman finished the 2017 season appearing in 99 games for the Minnesota Twins, setting career highs in home runs, average, walks and runs scored.
  • Jameson Taillon  finished with a winning 8-7 record and accumulated 125 strikeouts in 133 2/23 innings for the Pittsburgh Pirates despite missing seven weeks to battle and defeat testicular cancer.


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Hearing your alarm at 5:30am to signal a training session isn’t always “music to your ears,” but knowing your trainer is waiting for you at the gym and an active six-year-old is waiting for you at home are two reasons to keep you motivated, according to three-year FSP client, Ray Black.

“I would have quit a long time ago without the benefit of a trainer,” said Black. “I’ve always been able to count on quality trainers at FSP, including the occasional training session from Ben Fairchild himself. Everyone is exceptional, focus on my specific needs, and are current on all training trends to enhance my opportunity for success.”

“Ray has a very busy schedule, as most of our clients do, but he has always found a way to consistently make it to the gym and stay up to date with his training even if he has to miss a few sessions due to work and other obligations,” said Steven Hamner, Black’s trainer.

Black was very active during his high school and college years but after having children, his fitness began to slack. It wasn’t until his oldest son began working with Fairchild that he got interested again in making strength training an important part of his routine.

“I got tired of being out of shape,” Black noted. “I like to play golf and found that my body, especially my back, did not respond well to all the torque created by a golf swing. I decided to try and get into shape again to help combat the back pain and general deterioration due to age.”


“Throughout the course of Ray’s training, we have focused on different training attributes such as posture, mobility, cardio, fat loss, and most recently, strength gains,” said Hamner. “His performance on the golf course has improved as he has gotten stronger and able to produce more force.”

Choosing the healthier food options is still a work in progress for Black, but the boost in self-confidence and consistency in his workout program keeps him on the right track.

“Being dedicated and consistent with my workout program has made me feel better physically, which has also translated to feeling better at work and at home,” said Black. “I enjoy the sense of accomplishment at the end of each session.”

Black still has some weight loss goals he wants to reach, and if he follows his own advice, he will be sure to reach those goals.

“Set a goal and stick with it first for a few weeks, then for a few months, and before you know it, your goals become integrated into your daily life.”

If you want to achieve new goals for the new year, please call us at 713-722-6402 for more information on our programs.